F log by femnmas

Appreciation and energetic attitude can turn things which aren’t even written in destiny, so why the majority of people are unable to turn those stones of good luck? Well, the answer lies within the aspects of our thoughts. Jewellery in ancient times was considered to be as the magic stick which showers the stars of good luck and good health so was that true?

All the events that happen around us whether bad or good aren’t actually defined they are just the patterns that our brain build in order to decide the outcome and to get on either side. Jewellery holds that rope on which all the positive vibes are hung and as soon as women own it those ornaments just induce the feeling of well being and thus relax our mood and brain.

There are many ornaments which not only attracts the attention but also build a conscious image of yours in someone’s other brain. One such ornament is waist chains. These chains stay trendy and appealing always. Come let’s have a deep dive into their variety and the way it can make you look  adorable and rememberable .

# Vintage Chanel chain – These triple chains is really catchy and come up with an addition of a hanging hook which touches your thigh. One can wear these chains with a black and white dress to highlight the glamour.

# Diamond Nickel waist chain – These chains can be worn on skirts and dresses. These chains are nick in colour and are made of allowing which gives it a sparkling or rather a shiny look.

# Clasp chain – When you are ready for special function and are just looking for the final touch up then just add these golden and silver chains on your outfit and could see all the heads moving towards you.

# Pairing Belly chains with lehengas and sarees – In India ritually hold the entire beauty and wearing lehengas and sarees in Indian tradition is pretty common. The main thing that stays missing is the waist chains. You can match the chain with your dress and boom you are ready to flaunt.

Adding accessories to your outfit is like adding spices to your recipe which definitely get phrase but without that, the food does not taste that much delicious. Here we have mentioned few chains which will definitely help you while getting ready for different occasions.