Life resembles a roller coaster ride which is just full of pleasing and depressing events but how can an individual manage to tie each string of their life with all those pleasing thoughts which are actually in the stem of all the pleasing events?

Well, the answer depends upon the time you invest in yourself. Being fashionable or trendy not only provides a hipe in your social life but also gifts you a habit of being aware or conscious about everything that is going around you. The ornaments that women wear not only fill their head by some positive vibes but also pumps up more confidence in their bloodstream.

One of the main ornament among all of them is the ring and here are a few tips and tricks to choose the right statement ring for yourself:

# Unique and independent circular objects – It is not necessary that your rings match with your outfit or earnings having said that It is simply the uniqueness of that circular object that can make everyone feel wow about them.

# Understand the messages – Whether you are in navy or in the marine corps, the rings are enough to showcase your power and wealth. There are ways where people generate assumptions simply by looking at the rings whether they have tied a knot with your husband or not.

# Maintain proportion with your hands – There are times when your choices go weird with the way how hands are structured. Whether you have long hands or short fingers there are unique designs for each of them. Just try to find the best that suits best with your fingers.

# Highlighting signs of the rings – Colors have direct control over your neurons so how can you choose the best to guide the neurons to do wonders? Well, there are two basic colours which the rings hold.

– Silver – If you have the veins visible in your hand just wear silver. This cool colour indicates your cool nature and attitude towards life.

– Gold – If you have warmer hands then do let them go with the golden ring. This indicates the calm ideas which your brain is throwing and your heart is living.

These were some tips on which you can rely upon without having a second thought. A ring is not just a circular object rather it signifies the commitments, achievements and sense of belief that lie within you. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab a ring that you find perfect and let everyone enjoy that spark of confidence that your eyes are filled with.