F log by femnmas

Shiny sun in the clear sky rising high to fill up our brain with those obsessing thoughts to do more, but what if you find some chaos in the starting of the day? Well, that must not be sounding good but many people go through this frequently.

You must be wondering what’s that? It would be strange to tell that it is
nothing other than your wardrobe. A wardrobe is something that inhales the essence of your highly branded clothing but at times still misses out the essentials.

So what are you waiting for let’s go and check out some cool and trendy stuff that you can add to your wardrobe.

# A plain white tee Is there anything more resourceful than this? Whether it is a normal denim or short skirt, it goes perfect with any quick look you want.

# A waist belt Adding ingredients to your outfit is always a good option. Waist belt comes in leather, suede, polyurethane, lace, and more. It is something unique and always in trend too.

# Slip-on Sneakers – Slip-on sneakers have hit critical mass, comfortable enough to walk miles and can reflect a casual look at the same time. They act as a key to a lock when wore with knee cut denim.

# Statement Bag – These bags can be a quick transformation to your outfit but the best part is that they go out of fashion quickly. So go and grab one for yourself too.

# Good Pair of Jeans – The ideal way to accelerate your curves with the help of a variety of denim. These are something which can be used as casual or semi-formal at the same time.

So these were some essential things that each wardrobe should have. If you are missing anything just grab and make a new statement for style.