Being fashionable is not an addiction and if it is the case then trust me just enjoy the thrill it provokes. Fashion is the new language that alone is enough to blow the winds of appreciation or attention and can fill your brain up to the brim with something which everyone admires that is confidence. There are times when you think about how to dress up so that the comfort level does not change its way and stay the same, especially in summers.

So what are you waiting for come let’s dive into the crucial steps that will for sure help you out;

# Light colours over dark – Not only light colours will keep you cooler but they also will keep your energy or vibes on the track. You can wear dark colours like black, dark blue but they do not possess the same airy feel that the light coloured clothes come up with.

# Light makeup is the best – Nothing could be worse than wearing a ton of makeup in summers. Wear some light to keep your smile stress free and evergrowing. So what you can do is, Put away the heavy black eyeliner, dark shadows, heavy foundation.

# Off the shoulder tops and dresses are always sexy – These dresses are fashion staple which you can wear every summer and there is nothing like being trendy or disposable because these dresses will make you look stylish and sexy each time. All the stores have them in stock and everyone is wearing them to flaunt that crisp that these dresses hold.

# Own at least one stripped skirt – If you only have one stripped skirt just own one striped shirt, opt for the classic boat neck, three-quarter sleeve shirt in white and dark blue. The stripes are not too thick and are horizontal, of course. You can pair these skirts with the off shoulder floral tops which are a perfect example of stylish summers.

# Hats are a good idea – Everyone should own a hat and if you don’t have one then you probably must not be having not found the best one. In that case, you should take a trip to the hat shop and let the shop owner her you in choosing the best for you. They are not only stylish but also protects your face from harmful sun rays.

We are sure these steps will help you in finding out the best way to look more cool and adorable these summers. Add these ideas to your brain and later implement them by adding them into your cupboard.